You no longer need to be embarrassed by the “female” problems that come with menopause below the belt!

Zenzsual brings back the youth and the function to your delicate female parts and improves your mood, intimacy and fun!

Long-lasting Feminine Moisturizing Gel

Pain during sexual intercourse is NOT normal, creating friction that can strain and even break the bond with your partner. But don't worry; there is a solution.

Bye Bye Menopause

They call it Menopause, but this is precisely the age where we live with less pause. Take control of your life without being stopped by hot flashes, irritability, insomnia, and all those annoying symptoms that come at this stage of life.

LibiZenzs Women

It is expected that we go through phases in our lives when our libido has its lows; you feel that your sexual desire has disappeared, and you don't want anyone even to disturb your sleep... But... are you worried about losing the "spark"?


Do you feel a little leakage when coughing or sneezing? Do you feel that your vagina has lost its tonicity or has become weaker after pregnancy?


Do you feel stressed, exhausted, or sad? do you have pain in your muscles or joints? are you experiencing difficulty falling asleep, feeling totally unbalanced and unfocused? If so, CBD ZEN is for you.

Zenzsual Feminine Cleansing Foam

The burning sensation, itching, and discomfort of your vulva may be due to dryness caused by soaps that strip the skin of its natural oil barrier, damaging it and making it more prone to darkening. Zenzsual Cleansing Foam is not a soap.

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Libizenzs Men

Do you like to feel strong, vital, and always ready to go?If so, the secret is to give your immune system a boost. Zensual's natural supplement LibiZenzs for Men, will not only add energy and desire to your sex life, but it will also increase your vitality and even promote muscle mass. 

Menstrual Zen

Are you tired of pain, inflammation, and crankiness during the days leading up to and during your menses? Let me introduce you to Menstrual ZEN which is a natural supplement.

Feminine Moisturizing Gel

Does your intimate area itch, burn, bother you with the friction of your undergarments, or even hurt during intercourse?


Zenbiotic is a probiotic capsule designed to boost vaginal and digestive health while caring for your entire body's immune system.

Bye Bye Cystitis

Do you suffer from frequent urinary tract infections, strong urine odor, fluid retention, or cellulite? All these annoying symptoms are frequent in women, and that is why I want to introduce you to this natural supplement.

Bye Bye Menopause Without Melatonin

Are you melatonin intolerant but want to avoid those annoying menopause symptoms? Here we introduce you to Bye Bye Menopause WITHOUT melatonin, hormone-free, which will help you manage this stage of your life at its best.

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Are you one of those people who would like to try something new? Would you like to break out of the routine and experience something different? 


When was the last time you used a sex toy?, a few years ago, never? If you want to add a little fun to your sex life to enjoy alone or with your partner, Tri-orgasmic is for you.

Perfect Zen Trio Kit

At Zenzsual we have prepared the perfect trio to help you restore your physical and mental health, since both are interconnected, we present you with our PERFECT ZEN TRIO that includes:


Zenzsual Feminine Cleansing Foam.

Zenzsual Feminine Moisturizing Gel.

In addition we gift you with our Travel Kit (Foam and Gel)

Pack 5x Travel Size Feminine Moisturizing Gel

Are you looking for a moisturizing gel that you can keep in your bag in case of an emergency? Zenzsual Moisturizing Gel is available in 30 ml packaging and can help you alleviate vaginal dryness, infections, itching, burning, or discomfort caused by changes in your vaginal pH.

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